Team Portal


On this page the team admin can invite other team members by clicking on “invite user” and providing their email address. That team member will receive a request to join an existing team link, which they can click on to accept the invite. Upon joining, their username will be their email and they will enter a personal password. Once complete they will be brought to the Team Portal where all they have to do is download the app to start working on the Deque platform.
Adding a co-admin: The current team admin can also make another user a co-admin by clicking on the other team members name and toggling the admin button.
Removing admin: If the main admin will no longer serve as admin for any reason, the user should appoint a co-admin who can then disable the other admin’s admin rights by toggling the admin button under the user's name.
Disabling team members: To turn off access to the deque platform for an existing user, the admin under the teams page, can click on the user’s name and toggle button “access”.