Instrument any infrastructure
The Instrumentation Service is responsible for turning any device/compute resource into a Deque compute instance. The service can be installed on any on prem infrastructure such as workstations, laptops and servers. The agent itself has two main purposes. One, to monitor the health data of the device itself to determine the resource utilization and optimize compute performance and two, to execute the user workload on those devices. The devices can be any on prem machines or an on demand or reserved cloud instances. Together with the Deque platform the IS ensures that a team's compute utilization is optimal and when there are no workloads to execute the platform will automatically shut down the cloud instances.
Note that instrumentation service requires agent_configname during start. The config has details about the region and zone for the on prem compute. If you would like to use onprem instances for distributed training, make sure those machines are on the same subnet in the same network and also have the same agent_config_name.
To install the Instrumentation Service manually on an on prem machine the user enters the following command on a terminal:
curl<user_name>/<instrumentation_key>/<team_name>/<agent_config_name>/ -o | chmod 777 | ./
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